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    What is WeNeed1?

    WeNeed1.com is a price comparison service for buyers who are looking for sellers, with our reverse marketing platform WeNeed1.com brings buyers and sellers together. Using keywords, sellers can be alerted via email with the keywords that they set and their ‘WeNeed1.com inbox’ of a potential buyer and therefore the seller could have a sale. It works both ways, as the buyer is also alerted and notified of a potential seller. WeNeed1.com brings the buyer and seller from anywhere in the uk to you.

    It is the opposite of a classified advertising site. WeNeed1.com is purely to bring buyers and sellers together. In the future why wouldn't an individual check WeNeed1.com before they sold or bought an item?

    WeNeed1.com is the perfect tool for new buyers who are looking for a product or service. By checking with WeNeed1.com in advance, especially buying a new car, our average customer savings for motors is £3,500. We are not only open for motors but have many categories where you can save time and money!

    WeNeed1.com is environmentally friendly with our car share category. It encourages less cars on the road and reduces pollution by connecting you with another driver with space in their car for other passengers. It could even save you money not using public transport! In the United Kingdom, the statistic for unemployment is increasing rapidly. WeNeed1.com puts the person needing the job in charge in job. We bring work directly to you by connecting you to employers looking for employees, no need to waste your time trailing round job sites. Using WeNeed1.com means you no longer need to spend your time filling in pages of information on price comparison sites or hiking up and down the high street in search of that elusive deal. Sit back, relax and let the seller come to you. WeNeed1.com will do all the work, making it easy for you.

    How it works for buyers?

    Have a product or service in mind?

    WeNeed1 saves time and money by doing the work for buyers by finding them their ideal product or service, using the reverse marketing platform WeNeed1 alerts local and national sellers to compete over you.

    Create your need and alert sellers that you need the product or service.

    When you are ready to get offers from sellers, create a need from here. For cars, you can choose from approved dealer offers only - this assures you get offers from approved dealers only; however based on your budget you can get offers from private dealers as well. You can promote your need by adding an image, or featuring it to make it stand out from the rest. For some needs such as electronic items, and motors you can add a timed auction to ensure sellers offer you in the timeframe you set, putting you in control.

    Contact the seller on your terms

    When you respond to the seller, you are in complete control as you can accept or deny the offer with the terms you set. Contact the seller through our email system making it simple to bring both the buyer and seller together. WeNeed1 never shares your contact details.

    How it works for sellers?

    Have a product or service to sell?

    WeNeed1 uses the reverse marketing model to bring buyer and sellers together. As a seller, you will be competing with other sellers around Britain to sell products or services at the cheapest possible price for potential buyers strengthening your business.

    Receive alerts each time a new need is created based on the product or service you are selling.

    When you are ready to sell your product or service, receive alerts from here. For dealers, you will have to apply here in order to gain the approved WeNeed1 dealer status allowing customers to ensure you are reliable for their business. WeNeed1 is actively marketing to gain the customers you need.

    Contact the buyer by replying to their need.

    When you respond to the buyer, they are in control of accepting or denying the offer. They can also counter offer you by asking for a price down or even asking if your product or service has better features compared to your competitiors.