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    Being safe on WeNeed1

    You can create listings for thousands and thousands of things on WeNeed1. Before creating a listing on WeNeed1, please check this page to check an A-Z list of the things you can not in any strict condition create a listing for.

    You must be 18 or over to create a listing on WeNeed1 please.

    If you don't own the item you are creating a listing for, please don't attempt to list it.

    Only create one listing, and don't create more than one account.

    Once you have found a buyer or a seller for your listing, please delete it as you may still get replies that may frustrate you once the deal has been done.

    Please get the category right and ensure you double check where you are about to list your category in, you will get more views if your listing is in the right category.

    Aim to meet face to face as this will make it more safer for you.