WeNeed1 | Bringing buyers and sellers together

    Get customers for your product or service, with our reverse marketing model and search engine.

    Have a product or service to sell?

    WeNeed1 uses the reverse marketing model to bring buyer and sellers together. As a seller, you will be competing with other sellers around Britain to sell products or services at the cheapest possible price for potential buyers strengthening your business.

    Receive alerts each time a new need is created based on the product or service you are selling.

    When you are ready to sell your product or service, receive alerts from here. For dealers, you will have to apply here in order to gain the approved WeNeed1 dealer status allowing customers to ensure you are reliable for their business. WeNeed1 is actively marketing to gain the customers you need.

    Contact the buyer by replying to their need.

    When you respond to the buyer, they are in control of accepting or denying the offer. They can also counter offer you by asking for a price down or even asking if your product or service has better features compared to your competitiors.