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Mohammed Ali, CTO

Mohammed Ali is the 16-year-old Chief Technology Officer of WeNeed1, a price comparison website that puts the buyer in control which aims to change the way real time data is collected. He developed an algorithm that brings both buyers and sellers together – with the seller getting alerted of business.

Ali, who single-handedly coded received £400,000 to help maintain its security, and software from a 60 year old multi-millionaire entrepreneur and business angel. The investment and his skills proved to pay off as the website has accumulated thousands of sellers looking for business.

When he’s not working on, Ali is in the first year of school studying for his A Levels. He loves travelling, and is a huge fan of EastEnders, a British soap.

He got into gaming and programming when he was just aged 4, and self taught himself Java programming aged 12, and prior to created his own online game, started his own business that helped SME’s with their websites and apps. He has also developed a financial app for stock traders which used analytical data to see what traders were looking for. Ali hit the headlines in 2016 for his inspirational success story including media outlets around the world, such as: The Telegraph, BBC, The Daily Mail, Yahoo! Finance News, The Mirror, The Sun, SBTV News, DubaiWeek, Irish Examiner, Irish Mirror.

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